MND Week

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Week is held nationally in the first full week of May each year. During this time, we raise awareness and share our vision of a world without MND. It is also a time to acknowledge the MND community, especially people living with MND, and to remember those we have lost.

Walk to D-Feet MND Sunday 7th May 2017 
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Walk to D-Feet MND symbolises the hope that Motor Neurone Disease will one day be eliminated whilst also serving as a memorial for those that have been lost to the disease.  Participants organise teams made up of family, friends and colleagues, regardless of age or fitness levels, to raise funds for MND SA client services.  The 4km walk followed by family fun day was held at the Adelaide Sailing Club, West Beach in 2016.
Walk to D-Feet MND 2016 saw record numbers in attendance with over 800 participates at the Adelaide Sailing Club. The 4km memorial walk was followed by a sausage sizzle, live music, raffles and activities for all ages.  Adelaide's Ten Eyewitness News presenters, Rebecca Morse and Nick Butler were lively MC’s and ensured the day was informative and entertaining.

Host a Morning Tea for MND, Every August Until a Cure


Every August Until a Cure, Host a Morning Tea for MND has raised awareness of MND SA and our cause in the South Australian community.  
Vili’s bake to order MND SA donuts with blue icing for our supporters to enjoy at fundraising events.
Due to the popularity of MND SA donuts during August, Vili’s will continue to offer these sweet treats for the rest of the year to raise further funds for our organisation.

50 x     $125
100 x   $225
200 x   $400
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City-Bay for MND SA

Fitness, fun and another reason to run.  Not a runner?  
It doesn't matter! 

The Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run is a fantastic community event for people of all ages and fitness levels to team up and raise funds for MND SA.  Whether you walk or run the City-Bay take part in the event to show your support for MND SA!  The state association that cares for South Australians with Motor Neurone Disease.

Many fitness clubs, rehabilitation organisations, businesses and individuals use the event to achieve personal goals and raise money for their elected charity so don't hesitate!

In 2016 MND SA had over 50 people walk or run raising funds for South Australians with Motor Neurone Disease.  

In 2016 MND SA supporter Louise Tye was the third highest fundraiser for City-Bay in the whole state raising over $4000!

That is an extraordinary achievement!
Thank you to everyone that participated in City-Bay for MND SA.  Next year our goal is to have 200 people join us for the event.  

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