About Us

MND South AustraliaThe Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia

MND SA is a registered charitable not for profit organisation that provides and promotes the best possible support for people living with MND, their families and carers regardless of their age or postcode; advances research into MND; and raises community awareness about MND.
We offer a range of information, education and support services for people with MND and their families and carers living in South Australia and for health and community care professionals. These include:

MND SA services
  • Information and support for people with MND, families, carers and friends. This includes telephone contact, email, home visits and literature to assist in living with MND on an everyday basis.
  • Information sessions for people who have been recently diagnosed with MND, their family and friends.
  • Meetings, workshops and seminars for people living with MND, their family and others involved in their care, for the sharing of ideas, support and the knowledge of experts in the management of MND.
  • Information and education sessions for health and community care professionals promote the best possible care for people living with MND.
  • A newsletter that includes up to date information in research and other MND news, stories and information on services available for people with MND and their families.
  • Assistive equipment for people with MND following an assessment and written referral from a qualified health professional. The MND SA equipment service, MNDEquip, include a wide selection of items ranging from simple walking frames and wheelchairs to electric lifting hoists and sophisticated communication devices.
  • Resource material and contact with media to increase awareness about MND.
  • Advocacy on behalf of people with MND to increase awareness of needs and ensure equity of access to available services and resources.
  • NDIS Services - MND SA can offer  Coordination of Support and Occupational Therapist services for clients eligible for NDIS participation.

What can be done?
  • Assist people living with MND to maintain as normal a lifestyle for as long as it is possible, regardless of their age or postcode.
  • Assist families and carers of people with MND to understand and learn about MND so they can provide care and support and manage changes in lifestyle.
  • Liaison with health and community care professionals to improve the care of people with MND.
  • Active promotion of public awareness and understanding of MND.
  • Support for vital medical research.