About Us

MND South AustraliaAbout MND SA
The Motor Neurone Disease Association of SA (MND SA) provides information, education and support to the South Australian community affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND). MND SA was founded in 1985 and our mission is to provide and promote the best possible care and support for people living with MND.

Our objectives are:
Our mission is to help reduce the impact of Motor Neurone Disease on people living with MND, their families and carers. We do this by:
  •  providing information and support services to South  Australians affected by MND;
  •  sponsoring, encouraging and promoting research into causes, cure and treatment;
  •  promoting public awareness through community education and MND research; and
  •  providing MND specific information and support to health and allied professionals.
MND SA is a not-for-profit, non-government funded organisation and fundraising is our prime source of income. We want to see a world free of MND but in the meantime, MND SA will continue to provide the best possible care to clients and their loved ones. Please help us to help the South Australian community with MND.