Charity World Record Skydive - Irene O'Shea.

9 Dec 2018


Location:  SA Skydiving
​151 Skeldon Road
Wellington SA 5259

102yo Irene O'Shea Skydive for MND SA

Irene O'Shea is an incredible woman.  In 2016 she celebrated her 100th birthday by skydiving with the amazing team at SA Skydiving just outside of Adelaide.  Irene then returned a year later in 2017, becoming the oldest female skydiver in the World and raising money for Motor Nurone Disease Association of South Australia (MND SA)

​December 2018 has arrived and Irene will be jumping and riasing funds for MNDSA, this time setting a new World Record, becoming the oldest skydiver in the World.

​SA Skydiving instructor Jed Smith has been there every step and jump of Irene's journey and they will again take to the skies together, all in an efffort to raise awareness and as much money as possible for MNDSA.

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