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Ambassador Brad Ebert
Port Adelaide Football player Brad Ebert proudly advocates for MND SA on various media platforms.  Brad also attends events and promotes the importance of our cause to the South Australian community.

Below is a short interview with Brad that was featured in our September 2016 newsletter.
Aside from battling through various head injuries during the AFL football season, Brad Ebert continues to be a loyal supporter and Ambassador at MND SA.  Brad is committed to spreading the word about the importance of MND SA in South Australia, discussing our efforts on radio and at events.

We are so pleased that Brad will continue to advocate for MND SA in 2017.

For those that don’t know, explain your connection to MND SA?
My connection to MND is that my grandma passed away from the disease in April this year.  Seeing what she went through over the few years since she was diagnosed and the slow progression of the disease “…” what it did to not only her but the rest of the family. I felt like I wanted to help out MND SA since she was a client.  The family were very grateful for what MND SA did for them in a really difficult time, so I wanted to be able to help in any way I can.

What is the thing you enjoy most about being MND SA’s ambassador?
I think it’s just being an advocate for people with MND and that I can make someone’s day by sending them a message or having a chat.

When you are intervewed for MND SA, what are the key messages that you like to get across?
People can’t always donate money so spreading the word is really important.  Telling other people about MND and MND SA helps raise awareness.  I always make sure I explain that MND SA are the state association that help people here, that the government does not fund you.  “…” Cure for MND are doing amazing work and I fully support them but it’s important that South Australians recognise that MND SA are separate.  MND SA really work with the people that are suffering from MND, that awareness is so important.

If you weren’t an AFL footballer, what would you be?
That is a tough one.  I’m doing my degree in Human Movement at the moment but if not, best case scenario, I would say professional surfer.  I can surf but I’m not that good.  So, cruising around the world surfing would be a good life.

What is the hardest thing you’ve done in your life?
Moving away from home at seventeen when I first got drafted.  I thought I was ready for it but I had just finished school and moving away from friends and family was harder to adjust too than I expected.  I left Adelaide and was drafted to West Coast so I went to Perth and lived there for four years.

When are you your happiest?
The best times are when I’m hanging out with my wife Bec and the family.  Family and mates, doesn’t get much better than that
What message would you like to send to the MND SA community?
From a family point of view.  Do your best to keep positive in a shocking situation.  
Seeing my grandma go downhill so quickly was awful and I understand what families are going through, in a sense, but that’s one thing.  Also, enjoy the time that you have, try not to dwell on it and get caught up in the diagnosis.  It’s important to enjoy the time you have so you can take that away from the situation.  That’s hard to say because I know it’s hard to do but that’s the best advice I can give.