Volunteer opportunites large and small...

Volunteering for MND SA

If you would like to develop your resume or you are retired with admin experience, volunteer to help us in our offices.  Duties will include but are not limited to reception, answering phones and coordinating events.  We also need volunteers with skills in social media marketing and graphic design as well as grant finding and writing.
  • Event support
Encourage family, friends, and work colleagues to join you and volunteer for an upcoming MND SA event.  Please see our Upcoming Events calendar or give us a call!
  • Community support
In the coming months we are establishing a Community Visitors program where volunteers can spend time with MND clients to offer companionship and support.  If you are interested in this type of volunteering there is some training that must be completed so, firstly, please attend our Volunteer Light Lunch to begin the process.

Email volunteers@mndsa.org.au to discover volunteer possibilities at MND SA.
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