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I have MND

Being told you have MND is a devastating blow. Shock, sadness, depression and disbelief are the initial emotions, and many ask, “Why Me?” It is important to find some way of accepting and adjusting to what is happening, if you possibly can, for your own peace of mind and for the sake of your family and friends.

Although there is currently no cure, a great deal can be done to maintain quality of life and address many of the effects of MND.

MNDSA can answer questions, provide support, help to access aids and equipment, and refer you to the right service at the right time. You can also access print and online publications about living better with MND, and attend information and education sessions.

My friend or family member has MND

If a family member or friend has been recently diagnosed with MND you may be wondering where to turn for information and support. MNDSA has the resources and expertise to help family and friends care for their loved one.

I am a health professional who works with people with MND

If you are an Australian health professional, disability or aged care service provider caring for someone with MND, MNDSA can provide evidence-based information to enable you to provide and promote optimal care outcomes for people living with MND.

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