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MNDSA is the only organisation in South Australia that provides dedicated support for people living with MND.  We work closely with the MND Clinic at Flinders Medical Centre, and the national MND Network, who provide access to their many resources.  

Information and Advice

MNDSA can provide information online, over the phone and in printed materials to people affected by MND. We offer education sessions for clients and their carers, as well as health and community professionals, workplaces and schools to raise awareness about MND.

Coordination and Support

MNDSA Support Coordinators are qualified health and community practitioners, working exclusively with people affected by MND. They are a key point of contact and provide basic counselling, support and service coordination for clients and their families and carers.

Allied Health Services

MNDSA Allied Health staff including occupational therapists (OT) and allied health assistants assess and support clients with mobility challenges, and may suggest equipment, or home modifications, to assist daily living, activities and comfort.

MND Equipment

MNDSA has a vast range of equipment and assistive technology to support communication, mobility, breathing, bathroom and bedroom safety. MNDSA clients are eligible to borrow equipment. When prescribed by a health practitioner, a subsidised hire fee applies to cover equipment transportation, cleaning and maintenance costs. Equipment is loaned for as long as needed. Equipment includes:

  • Beds, lifters and slings
  • Shower chairs, toilet raisers and commodes
  • Pressure care cushions and bedding
  • Walkers and mobility devices
  • Manual and powered wheelchairs
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Communication and other assistive technologies
  • Respiratory devices (suction and cough assist equipment).

Speech Pathology Program

The Speech Pathology Service at MNDSA addresses the specific speech and communication needs of individuals living with MND. We have a dedicated speech pathologist on the team to ensure referrals are actioned within two business days, allowing for prompt initiation of assessment and treatment. The service enables early access to communication supports for individuals living with MND and is particularly relevant to those awaiting My Aged Care or NDIS funding, who would otherwise not have access to communication supports until funding is in place.

Aged Care and Community Home Support Programme Service

MNDSA is able to provide specialist support, allied health and therapy services to people living with MND who are aged over 65 and living in several country SA regions under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). For people accessing or waiting for a Home Care Package, MNDSA staff can provide support coordination and access to our specialist services and personnel.

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