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Registered clients of MNDSA are eligible to borrow equipment. A signed consent form is required to process equipment loans. A subsidised hire fee applies to cover equipment transportation, cleaning and maintenance costs. Equipment is loaned for as long as needed.

Contact MNDSA on (08) 8234 8448 or email [email protected] to speak with one of the team about equipment access. Some items of equipment may require prescription by one of our occupational therapists or an external allied health professional. This is to ensure:

  • The client has been assessed for the equipment requested
  • The request for provision of equipment has been discussed with the client and they have agreed to its submission
  • Confirmation the client and other relevant persons are ready to accept and use the equipment
  • The allied health professional making the request agrees to provide training and support in the use of the equipment and familiarise the client and any other persons with its use and operation
  • Acknowledgement that the client is aware that this equipment is from MNDSA’s equipment pool, may not be new, and is provided to best meet the needs of the client
  • The allied health professional and the client acknowledge that the equipment provided will not be modified in any way without the consent of MNDSA.

Allocation of equipment

Once an equipment referral is received an MNDSA team member will contact the client or their advocate to arrange for completion and return of the Equipment Hire Agreement form and discuss availability and delivery . The MNDSA team member will consult with the referring health professional to confirm the details about the equipment required. This helps to ensure that you receive the most suitable equipment.


All equipment items are delivered and retrieved by arrangement with MNDSA. A member of the MNDSA team will:

  • Let you know when you can expect your allocated equipment to be delivered
  • Organise for any servicing of equipment if necessary.

Equipment will usually be delivered and set up by a member of the MNDSA team. Communication devices and equipment will either be sent to the speech pathologist to set up and teach the client how to use the equipment or where appropriate one of the MNDSA team members will deliver and train clients in the use of the devices.

MNDSA takes responsibility for contacting the referring health care professional regarding the delivery of equipment, and if necessary, arrange a member of the MNDSA team to attend and oversee delivery and installation and provide instructions on its proper use. This ensures safety because incorrect use or using wrong or unsuitable equipment can put you and others at risk of injury. Furthermore, it is important to be familiar with your environment and highlight any areas of concern, for example, steps, gutters, and bathroom layouts. This also helps to identify any damage caused to the item/s in transit.

Returning Equipment

When equipment is no longer needed please contact MNDSA to make arrangements for collection or return. Returning equipment in a clean and satisfactory state remains the responsibility of the client or his or her family.


Clients are asked to keep any packaging that arrived with the equipment if this is practicable. It can be particularly useful for re-packaging communication devices when being returned by post. All equipment posted should be addressed to PO Box 287, Hilton Plaza, SA 5033.

Drop Offs

Arrangements for the return of equipment to MNDSA at 66 Hughes Street, Mile End may be made with a member of the MNDSA team during normal business hours. Please DO NOT drop off equipment unless you have arranged to do so first.

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