Palliative Care
clinical pathway and referral network

GPs and others in the primary care team can make a significant difference to the quality of life of people with MND with timely care, support, and symptom management. While the primary healthcare team may be able to meet some of the needs of the person with MND and manage many of their symptoms, the input of other health and social care professionals is vital to the care and support of people with MND.

The GP may act as the gateway to other services, referring to appropriate specialists in the multidisciplinary team.

Where a person with MND is being seen regularly by a neurologist, or other specialist service, a shared-care approach may be agreed between the specialist and GP. This is particularly important where the specialist is based some distance away and access becomes increasingly difficult as the disease progresses. Visit the Palliative Care Clinical Pathway and Referral Network for information, resources and referral forms and information.

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