Client Rights & Responsibilities

Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia (MNDSA) is committed to ensuring that all people who use our services have adequate information about their rights and responsibilities. MNDSA supports the rights of clients in all things that are lawful.

MNDSA supports the following statement as outlining the rights of people with MND:

“As a person receiving supportive care for motor neurone disease you have the right to be a partner in planning your care and managing your illness. It is important for you to be well informed, to participate in treatment decisions and to communicate openly with your doctor and other professionals involved in your care.” This statement and the following rights and responsibilities encompass the fundamental rights of members outlined in the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations, Patients’ Rights, March 2008.

Scope and Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to inform MNDSA staff, volunteers and clients of the rights and responsibilities of clients and to guide practices to ensure a consistent approach to client rights and responsibilities across all MNDSA program areas. This policy has been developed giving recognition to developments in palliative care services and the growth in community care that assists people with a terminal disease to remain at home for as long as possible.


Client – the person with the diagnosis of MND or an unrepresented, neurological disease that causes disability, is rapidly progressive and where the impact is similar to MND.

People living with MND – This refers to the person with the diagnosis, their family, significant others, workmates and other service providers.

Client Rights – As a client of MNDSA you have the right to:

a) Be treated in a professional, courteous, and caring manner that respects and appreciates differences related to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personal values, age, disability, economic or veteran status

b) Expect that your personal privacy will be respected, and confidentiality protected to the greatest extent permitted by law

c) A prompt and responsive service

d) Receive accurate and relevant information in a timely manner

e) Make decisions about your current and future care needs

f) Choose to use or not to use our services

g) Involve an advocate of your choice (family member, friend) to be present at meeting with MND staff and/or action on your behalf

h) Access to an interpreter

i) Accept, refuse or discontinue treatment or intervention within the legal framework of each state or territory

j) Access to health professionals who are motivated to achieve best practice in understanding MND and in the management of people with MND

k) Request a change of MND Support Coordinator

l) Provide feedback about the conditions under which MNDSA’s services are delivered

m) Make a complaint about the services received from MNDSA and expect that this complaint will be heard and dealt with in a fair, objective, and confidential manner without fear of it affecting decisions relating to the assistance you receive.

n) Access to read your care records upon application in accordance with MNDSA’s Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Client responsibilities

MNDSA believes that clients have responsibility for their own health and wellbeing as far as this is possible. Development of a mutually agreeable partnership between clients and MNDSA can be ensured if clients are aware of their responsibilities. 

As a client of MNDSA you have a responsibility to:

a) Be respectful of others, including MNDSA staff, volunteers, and other clients

b) Provide relevant information to your MND Support Coordinator and care team

c) Complete and return documents relevant to the provision of Support Services

d) Be actively involved in decisions regarding your care needs

e) Raise any concerns that you may have in a timely manner

f) Respect the rights of others including their rights to confidentiality and privacy

g) Take responsibility for the results of any decisions you make

i) Seek a fair resolution of any complaints.

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